C++ is a high-Level programming language used by many programs. C++ is compatible on all operating systems.

Syntax Edit

The program bellow is a simple "Hello World" program.

 #include <iostream>
   using namespace std;
   int main (){
       cout << "Hello World" << end1;
          //To put in comments, use two slashes then your comment.
       return 0;

You can include other packages other than iostream. To introduce buttons into your program you will want to include the Windows.h package. When making a text-based program you should always include iostream.

Ints (integers) are used as variables. You can do a lot of things with integers but to make a really complex program you will probably want to use if statements.

This is the syntax for if statements:

 if(triggers go here){
     //When the if statement is true, the stuff here will start.

Even just if statements and integers them selves can make a pretty impressive program, but you can make more than just that. You can make a GUI (Graphics User Interface) with C++. It is recommended that if you are fairly new to C++ that you use a GUI designer rather than code to make a GUI program.

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