Notepad is a closed-source text editor developed and published by Microsoft corp. Notepad is included in all versions of Windows. Notepad is started by default when the user opens a .txt file.

Since the release, Notepad has been used by many for programming. Later on, Notepad++ was released on which was base on Notepad but added syntax highlighting for various programming languages. Most programmers got Notepad++ because of that feature.

Features Edit

Notepad is a basic text editor. These are some of the features of it.

Font Edit

In format > Font you may choose the font of the text. Many fonts are available. You can also choose the font's size and whether it is bold, italic, or underlined.

File Type Edit

In File > Save As you may save the text in Notepad. The default file type is .txt but you may choose the all files option and put the file extension at the end of the file's name.

Print Edit

In File > Print you may choose to print the text within Notepad.

History Edit

Notepad was first introduced by Microsoft in 1985 along with the release of Windows 1.0. Notepad has been included in every version of Windows after that. Windows 95 introduced fonts to Notepad.

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